Joseph Hall

Joseph Hall creates innovative and fresh jewelry and has been an artist-metalsmith for 40 years. He see’s jewelry as wearable art—small scale sculpture for the body. It reflects the wearer’s personality, and interests. It can, at its best, express ideas and communicate symbolically as does full sized sculpture. Joseph uses whatever materials and techniques are needed, without regard to monetary value and conventional expectations; but with regard to ecological, social, and ethical factors, in creating his jewelry—his art.

One of Joseph’s interests is exploring unusual metals and materials, usually in combination with gold, to create jewelry and small-scale sculpture. He has also developed gold alloys whose colors range from whites, to yellows, pinks, reds, greens, purples, and blues. These metals and alloys give him a large palate for creating new designs. For example, he has often combined gold with steel and diamonds; gold with tantalum (a metal/element similar to titanium, but malleable, much rarer, and having a lavender-blue-gray color); and titanium with germanium and steel. Joseph is currently experimenting with non-traditional techniques for applying color to jewelry, shaped metal mirrors, and using super-low-density solids in jewelry.