Michael Gustavson

Michael Gustavson graduated from San Jose State University with an MFA. Since then, he has been a full-time professional Artist.  His works of art have been collected throughout the world.  You will find his art pieces in major US corporations and private collectors from every corner of the globe.

Michael’s work is unique in that he uses the traditional process of Raku and has expanded it by way of his own technique.  The glazes he uses are textural and often appeal to one’s senses, causing viewers to immediately want to touch the work.  This comes as no surprise to Michael as he always emphasizes surface quality and texture.  The vessels are thrown on the wheel and then hand stretched to create a sense of the human figure.  Each vessel gives the appearance of a torso having no head, but having the grace of a dancer….Truly his works are exciting to touch, look at and admire!